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Founded in 2011,Necronomicon (Moon Guard) was originally designed to be a competetive raid guild among the few on Moon Guard.  The social aspect also held firm in the guild with many members calling each other friend.  Over the past year or so, Moon Guard has had less raiders, and it being an RP realm, it became very hard to recruit players to raid.  Recently, Necronomicon has become a social guild where friends can continue to hang out and run content together.  The core raiding has moved to Cthulhu Reborn on Mal'Ganis, with normal and heroic modes being cross realmed with the remaining raiders in Necronomicon.

About Cthulhu Reborn

Cthulhu Reborn (Mal'Ganis) was founded recently with the original goal of Necronomicon in mind, and that is to be a competetive raid guild.  It is a fresh start for the team, and hopefully will be as long lasting as Necronomicon. 




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